AC is an important part of life for many people in Calhan. During the summer it can be above 80° for weeks, and in that kind of weather, it’s hard to function without AC. But what happens if you have no control over it if the AC stops working? How do you know when you have a tiny issue instead of a major problem? How can you find these things out before your AC stops working? Here are a few signs that you need to call an AC company for your repairs:

Warm air – This is pretty obvious, but if your AC is expelling warm air, there is a problem! Most of the time this can be attributed to low or no refrigerant in the unit. But this could be an issue that goes all the way to the compressor itself.

Water leaks – AC units create condensation that is usually expelled from your house. But if this water starts accumulating in your house it can cause serious damage. Water damage is nothing to joke about.

Unusual noises – AC units create noise as they operate, but too much noise or noises that aren’t normal can mean a serious problem. This could mean that parts could be loose. This type of issue won’t just go away on its own so it’s important to get it looked at.

Not enough airflow – This is a good sign that your AC unit isn’t working properly. This could mean a blockage or a broken motor. These types of issues can lead to an AC unit that doesn’t work at all.

It’s important that even when it seems like an easy fix, you don’t try DIY techniques. This could cause more damage and cost you more money. When you are having any of these issues, it’s a great idea to have them looked at by professionals!

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