This summer has already been a hot one and it isn’t even halfway over. That’s why for many Security residents, AC units have become an essential part of daily life. During the summer, most AC units are running constantly to keep your home cool. This is exactly what they are meant for, but continuous use can wear down your machine. Here are a few reasons why you should get an AC Clean and Check from Summit Heating and Cooling in Security today!

  • Lower the utility bill – If there is something wrong with your AC, like rusty or leaky pipes, it can cause your AC to use more energy. It continues to try and work the same, but a worn down or broken AC system can use up double the energy of a unit that is in pristine working condition. An AC clean and check from Summit Heating and Cooling will cost you less money in the long run than fixing or replacing your existing system.
  • Increases safety – After sitting so long during the cold Security winter, an AC system can get dirt or mold stuck in its ductwork. These can cause breathing issues, especially in a person with asthma, and can even lead to long-term respiratory diseases. This stuff could be floating around in the air you breathe without you having any idea, so cleaning is always a good idea for peace of mind at least.
  • Better air quality – A cleaned and checked AC system will have the ability to circulate air better and also improves the filtration of air contamination particles. You will notice the difference in how clean the air is and how much better it travels within your home.

Keep your families’ safety and your wallet a priority and get an AC cleaning and check today in
Security! You’ll notice the difference in the air you breathe.

Our team proudly serves Security and the surrounding areas. Call 719-284-2791 to schedule your next AC maintenance or furnace check or visit our website to learn more.