Reasons For Furnace Maintenance Services For Colorado Springs Homeowners

Winter is right around the corner so you may have started to think when will you have to start leaving your furnace running all day every day.  Have you thought about what would happen if your furnace breaks down in the middle of winter?  How long can your family go without heat and how much will the furnace repair or furnace replacement cost you to get your furnace back up and running?  Here are a couple of important reasons on why a Colorado Springs homeowner needs furnace maintenance services:

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Keep your furnace warranty valid

Most furnace warranties require that you show proof of getting your furnace cleaned and checked on an annual basis.  Make sure to check your furnace warranty before turning on your home’s furnace on this winter.

Avoid costly breakdowns

A furnace emergency repair in the middle of winter is going to be more costly than a basic repair needed that was found during an annual furnace maintenance clean and check.  One reason why an emergency service can be more costly is if it is needed nights, weekends, or on holidays when you are charged a premium for having the technician come to your home outside of regular business hours.

Save on energy bills

All Colorado homeowners fear high energy costs during the cold winter months.  Getting annual furnace maintenance services helps your furnace run more efficiently which means it costs less to run your furnace.

Have you scheduled your home’s annual furnace maintenance clean and check?  A furnace clean and check can take under 30 minutes and cost under $100 which saves you time and money in the long run.  Our team proudly serves the following Colorado cities and their surrounding areas: Colorado Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake, Peyton, Falcon, Manitou Springs, Woodland Park, Fountain, Security-Widefield, and Calahan. Call 719-286-3500 to schedule your next AC maintenance or furnace check or visit our website to learn more.