Prevent AC Outages with an Air Conditioner Clean and Check in Colorado Springs

It’s summer and every AC company is telling you that you should get an air condition clean and check. Why would you do that, it worked fine last year? Well, so many things can change over the winter months, especially with it just sitting in your home collecting dust. Here are a few things that could go wrong with your AC unit that an air condition clean and check can prevent:

Clogged drain line – AC units remove humidity from your home through their drain line. If this were to get clogged during the winter months and you have turned on your AC unit, this could cause some intense water damage to your home. 

Dirty condenser coils – With a couple of months of no use, AC units can get pretty dusty. Condenser coils are the components that are used to move the refrigerant that absorb the heat from your home, but if they are covered in dust, they have a much harder time removing that heat. This can cause increases in energy use and a hotter home. 

Loose electrical connections – Wires expand and contract in cold and warm temperatures, so throughout the winter, they could become loose and dangerous to your AC unit’s electrical components. 

Low refrigerant charge – In order for an AC unit to work properly, its liquid refrigerant levels must be normal. Refrigerant is not used up, so if your refrigerant levels are low there must be a leak or some other major problem. 

These are just a few of the things an air condition clean and check specialist will check. As you can see, these issues could lead to much bigger problems, and they aren’t the most obvious thing to check if you aren’t an AC specialist. It’s important to get your AC unit tuned up to keep it running efficiently and to save you money in the long run!

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EXPERT TIP: It must be over 60 degrees before you can get your annual air condition clean and check.  If your HVAC specialists say they can check around for a second opinion before booking an appointment.