Air Filtration Systems

Did you know that your central HVAC system distributes pollutants throughout your home?  Because your HVAC system is used throughout your ENTIRE home, it makes it the best place to clean the air by removing odors, contaminants and killing germs, viruses, and mold.  Summit Heating and Cooling installs Premier One UV Air Purifiers and PureFlo Air Cleaners to keep your home comfortable and healthy.  Call (719) 881-8851 for a quote today.

Humidification Systemshumidification system

Low humidity levels in your home can create an uncomfortable environment for you and your family.  Colorado Springs is known for dry winters that can cause dry itchy skin, dry eyes, nose bleeds, sore throats, cracked wood, dust, bacteria, and static electricity.

Summit Heating and Cooling in Colorado Springs can help improve the humidity levels in your home with whole-home humidification systems.  Call (719) 881-8851 for a quote today.