Common HVAC problems in a new home in Colorado Springs

We decided to write this blog after getting a lot of recent calls from homeowners that are in homes less than 2 years old having HVAC issues.  Many homeowners (most homeowners) make the assumption that since they live in a brand-spankin-new home, with new appliances and systems, that there should be little to no problems and the maintenance needs should be minimal.  This is not true!

A lot of things can happen to your home’s HVAC system during the construction process.  We recently discovered a whole neighborhood of homes built by the same builder at the same time with sand blocking up the HVAC system.  The same week that we discovered these new homes’ HVAC systems all clogged with sand, we discovered another home under two years old with a leak in their AC.  The only reason why this leak was discovered was that the homeowners were in the process of selling their home so the leak was discovered during the home inspection process.  All of these issues with these new homes could have been discovered sooner if they had gotten their AC cleaned and checked every spring like what is recommended.  

The moral of these new homeowner horror stories is that it is important to get your AC cleaned and checked every spring even if your home is under 3-4 years old.  Just like getting your AC cleaned and checked in the spring, make sure to have your furnace cleaned and checked in the fall to ensure your HVAC system is running smoothly AND get your HVAC checked before you move in even if the house is brand new.  

Here are a couple of things that could cause problems for your AC:

  • Drywall dust in your system (drywallers can “forget” to cover any HVAC openings)
  • Trash can sometimes be found in vents and returns
  • Water can get in your system which can eventually lead to hazardous mold growth
  • Animals might find their way into uncovered systems during the building process

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