Common Furnace Issues Colorado Springs Homeowners Have

A furnace is an essential item in any home, but especially in the cold of Colorado. It’s important to keep up with your furnace to make sure it doesn’t have any issues and continues to work efficiently. But in order to check up on your furnace, it’s important to know the common issues furnaces face. Keep an eye out for these issues and your furnace and family will be happy!colorado springs furnace company

  • Dirty filters
  • Old or excessive use wear and tear
  • Ignition or pilot light control problems
  • Dysfunctional thermostat
  • No heat coming out of the furnace
  • A little heat coming out of the furnace
  • The furnace is always running
  • Furnace is too noisy

Most of these problems can be fixed before they happen with routine maintenance. It is important that you get you furnace cleaned and checked regularly to make sure it is functioning properly. But if you do get into a situation like this, try to exam your furnace for the issue. Change air filters and make sure the power is on, the pilot light is on, and the thermostat seems to be collecting the right temperature. 

If all of those things seem to be in working order, it may be time to call a professional. Especially in the middle of winter, the cold isn’t something to play around with. Make sure your furnace gets the proper care and attention it deserves. 

Worried about handling furnace maintenance yourself? No problem! Call us at Summit Heating and Cooling and we will come clean and inspect your furnace. It is as simple as a phone call to have peace of mind when winter strikes!

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