Why You Should Call Your HVAC Company for an AC Clean and Check

Spring is in full motion right now and soon summer will be just around the corner. That means high temperatures and humidity for some parts of Colorado. Many homes will have their AC running on full blast at least a handful of times this summer for the first time in almost 8 months. This is why it’s imperative you get your annual AC clean and check. Who knows what could have happened in those 8 months it was just sitting there. Still not convinced? Here are a few other reasons:

Lower the utility bill – If there is something wrong with your AC like rusty or leaky pipes, it can cause your AC to use more energy. It continues to try and work the same, but a worn down or broken AC system can use up double the energy of a unit that is in pristine working condition. 

Increases safety – after sitting so long not in us, an AC system can get dirt or mold stuck in its ductwork. These can cause breathing uses, especially in a person with asthma, and can even lead to long-term respiratory diseases. This stuff could be floating around in the air you breathe without you having any idea, so a good cleaning is always a good idea for peace of mind at least. 

Better air quality – An AC clean and check will circulate air better and also improve filtration of air contamination particles. You will notice the difference in how clean feeling the air is and how much better it travels within your home. 

Keep your families’ safety and your wallet a priority and get an AC cleaning and check today. You’ll notice the difference in the air you breathe. 

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