When to call a furnace repair company

January in Colorado is the worst time to be talking about furnace repairs, but it is probably the most important time to make sure you know when something is wrong or not. The easiest way to be positive your furnace is up and roaring for winter is scheduling your home’s annual furnace maintenance clean and check from Summit heating and cool. It can take under 30 minutes and cost under $100 which saves you time and money in the long run. But in recent years we have moved to a lot of people wanting to try these repairs themselves and this can lead to some future complications. So when do you decide to call a furnace repair company?

When to call:

  • Your furnace fan is always running: this could be because your fan isn’t on the right setting so make sure it is on auto first. But the fan doesn’t need to continue to run to heat the house. This could be caused by a short in the wiring of the thermostat or fan switch
  • You smell a rotten egg smell: Mercaptan is added to gas lines to help detect natural gases. This could mean there is a gas leak. Immediately shut off your gas and call your utility company and your furnace repair company! Gas leaks are not something to play around with.
  • Rattling noises coming from furnace: This could indicate an out of alignment or dirty bowler wheel. These can be cleaned yourself but if not taken care of this could become a big issue.

Another useful tip is to make sure you are changing your air filter every 1-3 months. Air filters can get dirty and block air. This can cause harm to your furnace by it overworking itself to keep your house warm. If you keep this information in the back of your head you could stop some potentially big issues. If an issue does arise though, Summit heating and cooling will be there to help!

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