Boiler maintenance

Boiler systems require regular maintenance and have more external parts than your conventional forced air systems. Boiler repairs are usually more extensive, and we know what that means. A longer time on the job with more parts, means more money out of your pocket. Avoid having to spend money on emergency repairs, keep your home safe and your heating reliable by getting a scheduled service agreement.

Boiler Repair

We have NATE certified boiler technicians with over 40 year of combined experience. Whether it’s a standard boiler, higher efficiency or something unusual as a steam or gravity system, we have techs that specialize in all hydronic systems.

Boiler Replacement

If your system is unreliable or not meeting your needs, we have a wide variety of Boiler Systems to choose from. We will come out and fully explain all aspects of each system that can be installed in your home. Whether it’s going back to a Cast Iron system that last for 40+ years, High Efficiency wall mount boilers, even Combination Tankless boiler/domestic hot water systems, we have the right equipment for your home.

Smart Multi-zoned Boiler System Thermostats

Tired of waking around all rooms to adjust every single thermostat? Do it from your phone!! Control all zones from one app with an ECOBEE smart thermostat system. It’s our most popular option!!

High Efficiency Boilers

Save space and add up to 95% efficiency with a high efficiency wall mount boiler system. These systems have adjustable output and only use as much gas as needed. High efficiency boilers can be coupled with side arm tanks to achieve an extremely high hot water recovery rate all while comfortably heating your home.

Cast Iron Mid-efficiency Boilers

Sometimes the old way is the best way! A personal favorite at Wright is our Slant Fin Cast Iron Boiler system. If you don’t suffer from a high gas bill, your looking for extreme reliability and comfort, this is the unit for you. We have serviced these units that are over 50 years old and still in amazing shape! Remember to keep up on your scheduled maintenance agreement and have a system that continues to perform with extreme reliability.

Sidearm Tanks

Side arm tanks are an amazing option to pair with your boiler system. Extremely high recovery rates, Stainless Steel tanks have double the lifespan of a standard water heater. If it’s a replacement or an add on, we have a full selection of side arm tanks and hydronic accessories. We can add performance, comfort, efficiency and reliability to your hydronic system.

Full Component Replacements

For the most part boilers tend to be very reliable. Our Slant Fin Boiler is guaranteed to outlast the components around them. Boiler systems incorporate many external components that can become worn, outdated or cause complete failure to the system. In those cases, we have a full component package! As long as your boiler is functioning properly, we can avoid multiple emergency repairs by upgrading all components and modernizing your system.

Hydronic/Forced Air Hybrid Systems

Many apartment complexes and condo’s have integrated hot water systems that integrate into the forced air system. We have the Wright Guys for the job! Call now to book an appointment.