Is it worth investing in smart thermostats?

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace with many new gadgets each year. The smart thermostat was invented almost 15 years ago but with it being on the market for so long we now have more advanced versions and know what it is capable of. The smart thermostat is a great investment for your home […]

Why Get An AC Clean & Check In Colorado Springs

This summer has already been a hot one and it isn’t even half way over. That’s why for many Colorado Springs residents, AC units have become an essential part of daily life. During the summer, most AC units are running constantly to keep your home cool. This is exactly what they are meant for, but […]

Common HVAC problems in a new home in Colorado Springs

We decided to write this blog after getting a lot of recent calls from homeowners that are in homes less than 2 years old having HVAC issues.  Many homeowners (most homeowners) make the assumption that since they live in a brand-spankin-new home, with new appliances and systems, that there should be little to no problems […]

How to keep your Air Conditioner running efficiently

Summer in Colorado Springs, CO is just around the corner and we need to keep that hot weather at bay. Sometimes it’s enough to open your windows, but on those really hot and humid days, the AC is a lifesaver. But with it not running for months on end while the winter rages on, how […]