Air Conditioning maintenance

Want to prevent unplanned repairs when you need your AC most? Extend the longevity of your equipment? Most of the time your unit will show signs of wear before it decides to fully shut down. Take advantage of a lower cost of repair and convenient timing with our scheduled service agreement.

Air Conditioning Repair

Turn the AC back on!! We recommend keeping your newer systems running as reliably and efficiently as possible. Whether it’s a manufacturer defect, due to age, normal wear or lack of maintenance, we have the Wright Guys for the job to get your system up and running again like the day you got it.

Air Conditioning Replacement

Replacement can be a great option for lower efficiency units, outdated equipment, non-existing equipment and just plain ole uncomfortable systems. We have a wide range of solutions for any application and every home. Call to schedule an appointment with an installation and equipment specialist today!

Hybrid Heat pumps

Have you gone solar? Not a fan of fossil fuels? Our heat pump options are perfect for customers that are looking for more environmentally friendly options. We pair these systems with our highest efficiency units that are used as a back up heating system. Your home will run on electric heating and cooling majority of the year. Choose our 26 SEER, Modulating heat pump for your best results.

High Efficiency systems

Let’s get those cooling costs down!!! Choosing a high efficiency AC will give you a significant return on your cooling bills, especially in larger, multi-story homes. Why pay more to cool your home? With an average lifespan of 20 years, don’t be out thousands in running costs. Call us for a free efficiency evaluation.

Ductless Mini Splits

Mini Split Inverter technology is available in the US and is here to stay. Mini Split Ductless systems are an amazing solution for the one “hot” bedroom over the garage, homes with boiler systems that do not have ducting present, garages with no access to gas lines for heat and more. We have units that heat with temps as low as -15 degrees outdoors. Ask about our High Heat units and Multi Zoned AC ductless solutions.

Evolution 21 SEER 5 Stage AC

The Evolution Series line is the most efficient, comfortable, quiet and Technologically Advanced units from the Bryant brand. This system features a 5 stage Compressor that delivers the perfect amount of cooling into your home while lengthening low level run times to balance the temperature in the home. SEER is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio; What does that mean for you? The higher the SEER, the lower your electrical bill will be, It’s that simple. If you want the most comfortable unit possible, while saving on utilities, our Evolution Systems are the way to go.